Day Nine

Today was the day I have been looking forward to the most: Neuschwanstein Castle.  We took yet another two hour train ride through the beautiful country side of Germany.  I swear I could stare at that landscape all day long and it could still take my breath away.

We arrived at the castle and with our luck, it was drizzling.  However, I refused to let this put a damper on my fairy tale of a day.  We had an hour or two before our tour of the castle was to start, so we ate lunch at a small cafe.  After lunch, we visited a few souvenir shops.  Finally, it was time to hike up the mountain!

The walk was about 30 minutes, up hill.  Within the first 2 minutes, I decided I am completely out of shape and it would be in my best interest to join a gym the second I get back to the United States.  However, the walk was extremely worth it as made our first glance at the amazing castle that stood before us.

Amazing barely even describes the castle.  It was simple yet intricate.  It was so massive and I could not wait to explore the inside.  Only a few of the rooms were finished before Ludwig II passed away.  The ones that were completed were so ornate.  High ceilings, breathtaking paintings, spiral stairs…you name it, the castle had it.  It was everything I had imaged it would be.  After our brief tour, a few of us hiked further up the mountain to a small bridge.  This bridge held an even better view of the castle.  Although it was raining at this point, I did not even care.  The beauty of the castle erases any sign of discomfort.

Soon enough, it was time for our hike back down the mountain.  We gathered onto the train once again and headed back home to our warm and dry hotel rooms.


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