Day Eleven

Our last day in Munich has been a really long one.  We started the day off with a visit to Ketchum-Pleon Munich, a PR agency.  We had the opportunity to speak to a few brilliant people.  They showed us some of their work, which was quite witty and hilarious.

We wrapped up our visit and headed back to the hotel for a quick lunch.  We decided to try a place right next to our hotel.  I really wish we would have discovered it prior to our last day in Munich because they had some really delicious falafel (a burger made out of chickpeas).  After my mouth watering lunch, I did some quick packing.  Before we knew it, it was time for our final media visit.

We began our adventure to Suddeutsche Zeitung, a German newspaper.  They gave us a brief lecture about the history of their company and where they stand today.  They also gave us a look at some of the innovative advertising they have done in the past.  As an advertising major, this was really awesome to see.  They had textured ads that felt like real leather.  They also had UV coated ads.  This was all really impressive and probably my favorite part of the visit.

After the lectures, they gave us a tour of their printing press.  I have never seen a printing press, so I didn’t really know what to expect.  We walked into the room and I didn’t even know where to look.  It was massive!  It was moving at what seemed to be a million miles an hour.  Thousands of papers were being printed out before my eyes.  I could not believe how compelling this place was.

Our media visit had ended and we were off to our final group dinner at the Ratskeller.  We were treated to a beautiful dinner and an even more beautiful dessert.  This was a perfect evening to our final day in Germany.  Now it’s time for packing and “quick sleeping,” as Jan likes to say. Goodnight, Munich!


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