Day Ten

Today we ventured off to BMW for our first media visit in quite a few days.  BMW is such a huge company, so I was really excited to see how they ran.  We arrived at BMW and my jaw dropped at how huge and modern their buildings were.   I couldn’t wait to get inside.

We listened to a lecture about their upcoming cars: BMWi.  These cars are solely electric and are filled with a ton of innovative apps.  These apps help you find parking spots, give you step-by-step directions, find public transportations, book a table at local restaurants, etc.  BMW certainly is thinking ahead with the production of their new models.  I was very impressed.

After the lecture and a free lunch, we took a tour of the museum.  Here we saw BMW’s history pan out before our eyes.  We saw all the way from their very first model to their latest model.  It was very cool to see how much they have grown throughout the years.

We wrapped up our tour and had the rest of the evening to ourselves.  A few of us went to the Hofbrauhaus to celebrate Johnie’s birthday.  I have been to the Hofbrauhaus in Pittsburgh multiple times, so I was excited to visit the one in Munich.  They were both extremely similar, only a few differences between the two.  After a great evening with great friends, I fell fast asleep.


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